Vision Inspection Products

Vision inspection of plastic sheets, film, and pellets

Vision inspection for plastics sheets, films and pellets

About Inspect Technologies

About Inspect technologies

Inspect technologies is a leading manufacturer of inspection and measurement systems for plastic sheet, film, and pellet producers, supplying many prominent names in the global plastics industry. Our user-friendly solutions can be configured for any budget and are able to identify a wide range of quality failures, helping to guarantee maximum quality for your customers, with rapid ROI.

Inspect technologies innovative pellet inspection technology is proven to detect, alert, and sort for quality problems such as contamination, variations in size and shape, and color shift. It features the most compact design on the market, making it especially easy to integrate with your current production lines.

Additionally, our plastic sheet and film inspection systems detect a complete range of common defects such as black specks, gels, and bubbles, and crucially can also identify more subtle imperfections (scratches, crystals, optical distortion, haze, etc.) with unparalleled sensitivity.

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