Film Inspection

Our Film inspection systems use cutting-edge machine vision and illumination design. Utilizing the latest area scan camera technology, we employ different types of illumination for enhanced defect detection capabilities – bright field, dark field, distortion measurement and more – all using a single array of cameras. Our unique design based on area cameras enables optimal viewing angles regardless of film width or limited installation space and allows robust detection unaffected by film vibrations.

  • Detection of the complete range of defects including scratches, crystals, gels, bubbles, black specks, contamination, etc.
  • 100% in-line distortion measurement for optical films
  • Line-stream integration, slitting, rewinding, marking
  • Complete run documentation


Higher product quality

Higher product quality and yield

User friendly

User friendly yet sophisticated Windows-based interface

Lower costs

Lower manufacturing costs through targeted process improvements

Designed specifically

Designed specifically for film manufacturers and converters