Automatic UV Cap Layer Measurement

The Automatic UV Cap Layer Measurement system is the world’s first system capable of accurately measuring the UV cap layer thickness on finished, full size PC sheets. For the first time, there is no need to cut the sheet and prepare the samples: the operator simply places the finished sheet on the unit with the UV layer facing down and hits the footswitch – the UV cap layer thickness is immediately displayed on the computer screen along with the image.

High resolution camera

The system uses a high resolution camera to automatically detect and measure the layer thickness. The results appear automatically in under a second. Multiple measurements can be taken off a single sheet.


User interface

The easy to use software saves all sheet standards and measurement results for future reference as well as images of the cap layer.

Custom UV illumination

Special illumination for highlighting the UV cap layer against the general sheet material

Easy to use software

The measurement software is so easy to use, anyone can now get an accurate reading of the UV cap layer thickness in seconds

Measures full size sheets

The system does not require any sample preparation – simply place the full size finished sheet on the unit and hit the supplied footswitch to take a reading


All measurement reports are stored in the software database and can be pulled up and referenced when needed