Sheet Thickness Analyzer

The Sheet Thickness Analyzer is a fully automatic, scanning thickness inspection system for solid and foamed sheet manufacturers with any thickness. Based on optics, the system is capable of accurately measuring all sheet thicknesses without emitting Gamma, Beta or X-ray radiation.

Quicker Setups


The system automatically scans the thickness of the entire width of the sheet. After each scan, the software produces a graph and report of the sheet thickness that corresponds to each of the die screws and heat zones. The results show the operator which screws or heat zones to adjust to bring the sheet thickness in to the specified tolerances.


Cost Savings

The Sheet Thickness Analyzer allows for manufacturing at a lower tolerance than ever before, as close as possible to the minimum thickness requirements while enabling higher quality and even distribution of the material throughout the product. Further cost savings can be realized in less scrap, setup and changeover times between different


Zero-radiation measurement

The Sheet Thickness Analyzer is optical based, meaning there is no emission of harmful radiation like Gamma back-scattering, Beta or X-ray radiation. This also saves the plant from dealing with the  procedural, regulatory and safety costs involved with radiating equipment.



The Sheet Thickness Analyzer scans the entire sheet automatically at predetermined intervals with no operator involvement.


Cost savings

Significant savings in labor, raw materials, lost production time, scrap and more.



Measurement results are displayed according to adjusting screw and heating zone for the die in use, directing operators which screws to adjust and/or whether to change the heating zone temperatures.



The Sheet Thickness Analyzer does not emit any harmful radiation like Gamma back-scattering, Beta or X-ray radiation.


Cost savings

Significant savings in raw material, lost production time and scrap.


Higher overall product quality due to more even material distribution.

Improved yield

Significantly shorter setup and changeover times.


The optics-based system doesn’t emit radiation like Gamma back-scattering, Beta or X-ray.